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We live and work in a world today that is far different from that of even our fathers, not just our fore fathers. That is how rapid the climate of change has been and the pace is expected to be even faster. Individuals need to learn how to adapt and cope with the new environment of constant change. It is an era of information overload with too much to learn and absorb for an individual. Yet the paradox is that we are required to be creative to generate more ideas and information in order to solve the new problems that arise with the changing environment.

For organizations, business corporations and governments, the problems of rapid change is even more magnified than that of an individual as larger stakes are involved. In a society where individuals now possess greater freedom, knowledge and ability than ever before, leaders find it a daunting task to lead the diverse group under their leadership. They often make costly decisions on their own. In an increasingly competitive environment existing within and without the organization, the difficulty of achieving collaboration and finding consensus to problem solving only makes matters worse. Old techniques seem ineffective and the sums of money spent in personnel training does not seem justified when compared to the R.O.I. It is obvious that a new model of management is required that can provide the kind of leadership suitable in today's world.

We see a three fold challenge for leaders in our time. First is that they have to manage excessive information and be creative at the same time. The other is to have the ability to tap into the collective intelligence of their own diverse team to generate ideas that can solve new problems. Last but not least, they have to know how to make strategic and critical decisions from the ideas collected with consensus building and a committed team to deliver the optimal solution for the organization.

This website is focused on the creations of our mind be it our ideas, our thoughts, our philosophies or our technologies and systems. It contains useful information to help you solve many of today's fast lane problems that arises due to changing times. They are options that work when nothing else will!

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"Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it's the only one you have."
Emile Chartier, French Philosopher

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