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Greetings & Updates from
Sun Fu & Geok Lee, Jan 2008


Dear Friends & Family members

Our annual family greetings and updates continues from Christmas last year through the New Year and now it's Chinese New Year time! As we advance forward to another new year with all kinds of resolutions and plans, take time to reflect on life by clicking the link on the left entitled, 'Something to ponder about'.

Malaysia celebrates the religious and cultural holidays of all the races and so we are fortunate to enjoy many public holidays. It also provides opportunities for family and friends to get together in family reunions and through house visitations of one another.

The animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac for 2008 is the Rat. You can read about the Rat or about your own animal sign from the Chinese Zodiac link on left blue column.

This website is a collection of personal blogs/journals of our activities, thoughts and feelings shared on the internet. This has become a family culture that has helped us keep in closer contact with each other wherever we are.

We hope you can enjoy what we have put together which is a token of our appreciation for your friendship and relationship with us. Please keep in touch with us and may God bless you always.

Warmest regards,

Sun Fu, Geok Lee and the gang.




"Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world " John Evelyn


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