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The concept of ITC Group & Associates was conceived in the early 80s to support organizations in the dawn of the knowledge economy that is technology driven. Integrated Technological Companies were the first to be created, hence its acronym. Over time, the group gathered a pool of talents across multiple disciplines that transversed beyond technology. The synergistic value of integrating both hard and soft skill sets enabled an optimal learning organization culture to be established. Through consistency in it's own continuous learning environment, while serving a wide spectrum of local and international organizations, it is able to offer the latest FASTLANE optimal leadership strategies in this era of constant change. It focuses on using creative thinking, optimal communication and group intelligence in organizations to increase the odds of winning even in these highly competitive and turbulent times.

Mission Statement

1. To achieve optimal lifestyle and performance though the effective application of integrated technologies and it's associated organizational principles

2. To support individuals with a pool of creative resources to help them become a more positive asset to their home, company and nation

3. To be constantly in search of excellence in fulfilling it's responsibilities to those who associate with the group, whether as customers, suppliers, partners or employees

FASTLANE methodology

Provide the essential training and information to equip individuals with up-to-date knowledge, skills and competencies neccessary for optimal performance in the changing and competitive environment.
Supply the necessary tools or systems that are designed to shorten process cycle time and give leverage to individuals and teams to reach their goals, faster and more completely. This is achieving optimal performance.
Engage the qualified consultant from our local or international network of specialists or experts. This is to have access to deeper levels of expertise for projects that are more complexed or have far reaching goals which require optimal thinking.

Partial list of organizations served: Aerofoam, American Express, Amway, Anakku Corporation, Antah Holdings, Asian Ceramics, Backer Spielvogel Bates. Bangsar Seafood restaurant, Blopak, Borden Chemical, Cadbury Confectionary, Capital Insurance, Ciba-geigy, Citilink Express, Cold Storage, Cycle & Carriage, Damai Service Hospital, Diethelm, Dupont Far East Inc, Duralux, Dutch Baby Milk Industries, Eastern Agencies, Emery Worldwide, Enrich International, Eon Bank, Esquire Kitchen, Esselte Meto, eXfuze Asia Pacific, Federal Express, Federal Flour Mills, FE Magnet Wire, Fisher-Rosemount Instruments, Flick Pest Control, Fraser & Neave, Glaxo Smithline, Halim Securities, Harta Maintenance, Hay Management Consultants, Heveafil, Hitachi Air Conditioning Products, Hokuriko Malaysia, HVD Film Production, Inchcape Shipping Services, Insitut Jantung Negara, Institut Teknologi Federal, ITS Testing Services, Jebsen & Jessen Engineering, John Hancock Life Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, Jotun Paint, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kurnia Insurans, Lion Steel Works, London Pacific Insurance, Longman, Lonpac Insurance, Malaysia Building Society Berhad, Malaysia French Bank, Malaysian Hoya Lens, Metro Parking, Malaysia Institute of Management, Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management, Malaysia Packaging Industry, MCIS Insuran, Morinda, Minolta, Muda Holdings, Nationwide Express, Nature Sunshine, Nutri Metics Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather, Optorg, Pantai Medical Centre, Peat Marwick Consultants, Penang Park Royal Hotel, Pernas Hotel Management, Pernas Securities, Perwira Affin Bank, Phillips and JVC Malaysia, PJ Hilton, Poh May Craft, Robert Bosch, Progressive Insurance, Ranhill Bersekutu, Roche, Sakthy Flour Mill, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Sato Electronics, Shapadu Corporation, Sharp Roxy Sales & Services, Shearn Delamore, Siemens Power Generation Asia Pacific, Singer, Stamford College Group, Sunrise Berhad, Sungei Wang Management, Sunrise Holdings, Syarikat Siah Brothers, Synergy, Tang Ling Shopping Centre, Technip Geoproduction, The Edge Communicatiion, Timuran holdings, Toppan More Paragon, Toys 'R' Us, UDA Ocean, Unilever Holdings, Union Carbide, Union Polymers, Unisys, Urbanika, Vads, Wilson Parking, Yamaha Music

"In the knowledge society, it is not the individual who performs.The individual is a cost center rather than a performance center. It is the organization that performs.” --Peter Drucker

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