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newsSJI Reunion Dinner (Years 1971-77) on Sunday 20th October 2013 at Le Meridien, KL Sentral

Click below for Facebook or Blog photos of other reunions and activities of the past
(If you have facebook, add me as sunfu_chong or search me with my email address as sunfu@fastlane.info)

21st Apr 2013 : Gathering of old boys/girls in Singapore at King's hotel

18th Jun 2012 : Meeting a day after Father's day in Singapore. Photo posted in facebook.

4th Dec 2011 : Get-together Hi-Tea with Benedict Lee and Swee Joon visiting from Seattle, USA at the home of Chan Yeow May in KL as the host. Photo posted in facebook

16th Aug 2011 : Get together dinner with Jeff Lee Chuan Huat visiting from Melbourne, Australia at Publika Solaris Dutamas complex

29th Jul 2011 : Gathering at Monte's Bangsar Complex

27th Jan 2011 : Dinner with Stanley van Dort at the Little Jakarta restaurant at Taman Desa/Danau

18th Dec 2010 : A dinner at Sakura Restaurant in KL, with Vincent Liew from Sydney Australia;

22nd Nov 2010 : Lunch with Ben and Joon at the Kopitiam of Jaya 33 in PJ;

18th Nov 2010 : A dinner get together with Ben and Joon from Seatte in Singapore Suntec Tower3

26th Nov 2010 : Dinner event by NAWEM (National Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia organized) invited by Form 6 old school girl, Rozzana Chung Abdullah  
Click for recorded live webcam broadcast of Rozzana in action : Pt1  Pt2  Pt3  Pt4

7th Feb 2012 : Dinner with Kirubakaran Rokk at his home with a few of his ex students

Commemorative webpage by the Class of 1974/75 initiated in the year 2007

School to most grown adults is where they spent most of their time before moving to the adult world of work and other pursuits. The time spent was not just in learning but also served as the moulding years of character. For the class of 1974 and 1975, referred to often as the 'LSD' group, being the acronym for 'Lima Science Dua' or the class of 'Five Science Two', the two years spent together in Form four and five had a definite impact on the character of its students.

In a school known for its strict discipline, the students not only worked hard but enjoyed a high spirit of morale that was a mixture of adventure, unity, creativity, compassion with lots fun and laughter which kept many in touch with one another over the years.

This webpage was created when Malaysia celebrated its 50 years of Independence in the year 2007. For the old boys in the 'LSD' group, it was the eve when most would turn 50 years of age. On Dec 2008, the group did meet to together to celebrate this coming of age! Whenever possible, photos/videos of such events and others would be collected here to carve out a memory lane of life long friendships that encircle the globe. Do enjoy the gallery of photos/videos put together here and if you have any more, send them by email through the menu below to be added on to this page :

Covering the LSD group over the years :

Gallery of old photos ; Gallery of more recent photos ; Gallery of photos taken out of country

Account of The 2008 Reunion for turning 50 ; Facebook photos on 2010 Reunion on Chinese New Year

Closing session video of the Memorial Service for Terry Moe Bing Tah on 24 July 2010

The old boys network in Singapore gathering on 29 July 2010 Going back to school 26 September 2010

Heart Disease talk by Dato' Dr Hamzah Kamarulzaman on video in parts : Pt 1   Pt 2    Pt 3    Pt 4   Pt 5

On the funeral and burial of Dr Lam Shih Kwong's father 29th November 2010

In Memory of Geok Lee, Sun Fu's wife, who passed away on 6th Nov 2012

Our old school master Vincent Fernandez passed away on 11 March 2012. He has been an icon teacher of the school. He will be sadly missed and you can view a special blog created in memory of him here. See him sing the school rally with us in the last back row of the group as recorded in the video found here.

Brotherhood feelings for Wong Kien Mun on the passing of his teenage son on 19th November 2013

In Memory of Chong Kim Weng who passed away on 1st February 2014news



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