Beginning of Transformation Project of Buildings and People

Starting with the setting up of a temp office before a proper management office is allocated by the developer on the common property area. Residential and business site, Blue Boy Mansion The building transformation project starts from the inside with internal renovation to create a temp office located on the ground floor.  

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The Rule of Law versus The Rule by Law

Malaysia won the attention in the world when in the 14th General Election of the country, referred to as GE14 on 9 May 2018, democratically removed the ruling party of the government, "Barisan Nasional BN" for the past 61 years since Independence from the British on 31 Aug 1957. Outright corruption at all levels was the end result discovered by the citizens of the country but little could be done as instead of being able to apply the Rule of Law, the people faced the Rule of Law, where the ru...

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The Importance of Heritage and Culture through Story Telling in our Tumultuous World Today

First, watch this video to set the mood that starts in Penang:


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