There were opportunities to spend time together without the kids this year in conjunction with Sun Fu's business travels. We found ourselves in Orlando Florida in June staying at the Disney resort. En-route home, we made a stop-over in New York for a few days followed by Tokyo, both very interesting large cities of the world. We were out again in August to Hong Kong. Pictured above is from the visit to Hawaii  made in October. We experienced our first helicopter ride there flying over live volcanoes in Kona.

Geok Lee was inspired after our visit to New York earlier in the year, to enroll in an affiliated school in Kuala Lumpur to the famous Parson's School of Design. She has rediscovered her true talents in art and design especially achieving to be named in the Dean's List in the first term. On the left is her charcoal drawing while the right is a model of a foot made entirely with wire.

Woon Ray turned 3 and his favorite words are, "I want to follow!" While his two older brothers got to tear down the race tracks in their go-karts, Ray had to be satisfied with modeling on one.

With Saturdays free, the father is determined to expose the family to the outdoors with day or weekend trips to the beaches, lakes and streams.

Woon Shuan turned eight in November and was baptised by his father as pictured on the above left. He has taken piano lessons for the past two years and also goes to gymnastic classes. Woon Han pictured above right in red and wearing glasses celebrated his 10th birthday with many friends in October. He has 4 years of piano lessons, does gymnastics and is also a green belt in Karate. He is the unbeaten champion in computer games in the family and is generally a good Eldest brother in the family.

Woon Ern or Ernie pictured on the left turned 5 years old this year. He has gone to an English speaking kindergarten for the past two years and will start his Mandarin lessons next year in preparation to begin in a Mandarin speaking school in 2002. He will follow like the rest of his older sisters and brothers where he will undergo six years of schooling in Mandarin and later switch to a National type school where he will be learning Malay for another 5 years. English will be studied consistently as a single subject only while it is the main language spoken at home and at church. Ernie enjoys gymnastics, riding the bicycle, swimming and playing chess with his father. He is generally a very cute boy with a great determination to learn from anyone older than him.

Fei Min is already 16 and has one more year before pre-university. She has 9 years of piano lessons and has recently taken up the violin. She loves to sing with the piano and has mentioned psychiatry as an ambition. She is generally a fast learner when she wants to and has picked up computing skills quickly from her father. She is generally very sociable and speaks English well with Mandarin and Malay. Has always been interested in story telling competition and debates at school.