Outside of home in the country this year, we also found refuge in the hills of Cameron Highlands (3 hrs drive north of Kuala Lumpur) during the school break, enjoying the cool  mountain air. From the hills, we headed towards the beach (2 hrs drive westward) and ended up in the Island of Pangkor. Here was when the whole family experienced for the first time snorkeling in clear water with colorful fishes swimming about us.

Geok Lee keeps busy with running a household as well as doing homework from school, still making it into the Dean's List for excellent results four terms in a row now! She's really our super Mom.

Above :Geok Lee with another mature student Jan from Ireland.

Su Min, 16, the more active of the two girls, won more medals/trophies this year in cheer leading and gymnastics. She was also a member of her school's choral speaking team, which arrived as national champions . She enjoys playing the piano with her sister, both of whom had lessons since they were six.

Woon Han (above) is now quickly becoming a young man, having turned eleven this year. We moved him and Woon Shuan from a top school to a school nearer home. Han found himself progressing from being formerly just an average student to being at the top in the new school and is exhilarated by that! He completes his 5th year of piano lessons and enjoys playing computer games. His latest interest  is drawing cartoon characters, some of which are found behind this letter. He also won a medal in gymnastics this year.

Woon Shuan (above) at 9 has 3 years of piano lessons and enjoys gymnastics where he won a medal and trophy in competitions this year.

Woon Ray (4) completed his first year of nursery school  and will begin kindergarten next year. He is now very vocal and tries hard to keep up with the others.

Woon Ern or Ernie (6) graduated from kindergarten with a colorful ceremony wearing the formal graduate's hat and gown. He will join his two brothers in the Chinese medium school next year. Ernie won his first trophy in gymnastics this year.

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