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Letter to Fei on leaving for BYU

Fei at the airport with mom.

In Langkawi island before leaving the nest.

In just this past few months, for the first time in our lives, we began to feel that our family is actually getting smaller.

It started with
Fei Min, our oldest daughter who celebrated her 18th birthday in June. Soon after, she left for Brigham Young University(BYU) in Hawaii to for the fall semester to begin her undergraduate program in psychology. We spent a last fun family vacation together, before she left, in our northern island of Langkawi. She took her first solo flight on Aug 20th to register herself on campus. Timing couldn't be more perfect as Sun Fu had a business meeting in Hawaii 3 weeks later that allowed her parents to "check on her" in her new surroundings. Hawaii and particularly in Laie where the Church has the University and a Temple couldn't be a more perfect place for an Asian student to study in a foreign country. We felt the climate, the local people of mixed origins and beautiful surroundings made it an ideal place for a new student like our daughter to be in America! We know she will have a happy and safe time there, enjoying all the opportunities of education and social development that the University offers.

We came home and continued our busy lives with family, work and church.
Su Min our second daughter turned 17 in Oct and was also finishing her high school with her important Government exam in November. She finished school with the title of sports woman of the year. She achieved this for winning medals in track and field events in school and  gold medals in the state and national levels for gymnastics. She also graduated from 4 years of Church seminary

Woon Han who turned 12 finished his last year of primary or elementary school. He completed school as a school prefect with medals in long jump, English story telling competition and a 2.5km run. His piano practical has advanced to grade 6 after six years of lessons. At Church, he was ordained by his father to be a deacon and now gets to pass sacrament every Sunday.
Woon Shuan at 10 continues to win medals in the State level gymnastic competition, silver for vault and overall.
He completed his 4th year of piano lessons.
Woon Ern or Ernie (7) survived his first year at primary or elementary school in Chinese. He started piano and badminton lessons this year. He still does gymnastics and looks the sportsman type in the family.
Woon Ray (5) survived 15 stitches on his forehead from running into the door frame. He has one more year in kindergarten before starting school. He appears to be the dancer and singer of the family as well as an artist or even a dare-devil!(Wall murrals at home!)

Sun Fu & Geok Lee, we're celebrating our 20th anniversary this December! We're creating a website at to commemorate it and a home-made CD too.
Best wishes to you all from us for 2003 and until our next update!

Fei Min's 18th birthday celebration

Our sports woman of the year, Su Min

Woon Han with a medal after
the 2.5km run

Woon Ern and Woon Ray driving in Kuantan, east coast of Malaysia

At a local horse/cattle farm in Linggi

On campus at Brigham Young University, Hawaii


TV actress Wadina at home with Geok Lee