They say a picture paints a thousand words and so my page will be filled with photos that expresses my apprectiation of the world I live in and the people I know. On this Christmas season, I am just filled with immense gratitude not only for the year that is ending but for all that I have been blessed with in my life. While I was in the USA during the thanksgiving holidays, I shared my finest thoughts and feelings with my many friends and associates there :

I believe my life has a purpose to God, my family and my fellow men.
And that I am happiest when I serve all three the best I can.

I know gaining knowledge and experience is also an essential purpose of life.
And that I can serve more effectively when I gain more knowledge and experience.

I hope I can always be learning and applying truths I have learnt correctly
And therefore hope to become wise, joyful and free.

I thank all who have given me love, encouragement and support
Without them,I could never be who I am that can make the difference to all I serve.

To all my friends, family members and associates throughout the world, THANK YOU for making my life richer because of knowing you.