You will notice a new USA cell phone number in our update this year which signifies the beginning of a major transition in our lives this year.

It started last year with
Fei Min (19) leaving for Brigham Young University Hawaii (BYUH) to begin her undergraduate studies majoring in psychology. She completed her first year successfully and came home for summer this year. She has kept busy helping dad at his office as well as working as a piano tutor. Su Min (18) will begin her first year  in BYU in general studies without a major decided yet. She had a big party to celebrate her 18th birthday. While waiting for her school exam results and BYU application to be processed, she worked as a gymnastic coach. She took part in the National school gymnastic championship this year and won a bronze medal after winning 4 silvers at the state school level.

Sun Fu as the father of a now part international family, felt inspired and motivated in the last quarter of the year to seek expansion of his business network to North America. For the past 7 years, he has been representing American businesses in Asia and have been in and out of  the US on short trips. This time round, he would glean from the experts and leaders of businesses in the US by spending more time in the country and find opportunities for growth. Also he would seek out matches to investment and development needs in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore and China. He started off by equipping himself with a jeep and cell phone to get around to parts of Utah, Nevada and California. He was happy to meet with or talk to many friends and business associates that he has known for many years with particular gratitude to those who are helping him to establish himself in the new environment. He returns home in time for Christmas to be with the family
Geok Lee was a single mother with Sun Fu away in the US for an extended period. She finished her final year in Diploma of Fine Arts (Interior Design) and is now working 3 months as an intern with an internationally acclaimed  architect named Kenneth Yeang. It is fortunate that his office is just near our home.Prior to Sun Fu going to the US, the family had a holiday in Southern Thailand. While Sun Fu drove to Mexico for the Thanksgiving holidays in the US, she drove the children up to Frasers Hill, a cool country hill resort north of Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Woon Shuan, for hitting the bulls eye in the resort's archery field earlier in the year and won the family a free night's stay! She also splashed on them a dinner earned from her first months pay from her internship job!

Woon Han our young man turned 13 this year and seems to establish himself to be a skilled cartoonist. (See below.) He won first place for the comic drawing competition for the Junior group He is making good progress in his Mandarin language with the challenge to study English and the national Malay language as well. He received a Distinction in an ASEAN English test organized by the Educational Testing Center of NSW Australia, giving him the highest score for English in his grade at school. He participated in several joint band and orchestra performances at his school where he plays the clarinet. He is in his seventh year of piano lessons. Han gives good talks at Church. A visiting pastor of another church ,who was our guest, made the comment that the talks he had heard from the youth that day was even more impressive than what he has heard from other trained pastors.

Woon Shuan (11) qualified this year for the national gymnastics competition held in East Malaysia and got to accompany his sister Su Min there by flight. He sang in a combined school choir for the queen of Malaysia on National TV for children's day celebration. He completed his 5th year of piano lessons and is a boys scout at school as well as playing the trombone in the school band.

Woon Ern or Ernie who turned 8 this year was baptized by his father after being taught several lessons from the gospel principles manual. He is in his second year of piano lessons and still enjoys playing badminton. He continues  to build himself up as the sportsman type in the family through gymnastics.

Woon Ray (6) is known by many as the outspoken extrovert. He completes his final year in kindergarten and will join his two brothers in the Chinese Primary/Elementary school next year.  He has a happy greeting always for anyone and would frequently ask his father in a mature sounding tone, "How's your day Dad?"

Another year goes by and we wish for all our dear friends and family members the choicest blessings in the coming year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!