My name is Woon Shuan. I am 11 years old. This year I went to Fraser's Hill. I played Archery and got a bulls-eye so my family got a free night's stay at the Pine Resort.

I also got to ride an airplane to Sabah at East Malaysia for a gymnastic competition. This is my fifth year of piano lessons but I'm only in grade three .

At school, I have joined the school band, school choir and scouts. In the school band I play the trombone but not a tenor trombone. In the choir I practise every Wednesday and after a few months I sang for the Queen of Malaysia at a stadium on Children's day. Four schools combined together. Me and my friends represented the Chinese School. It was nice because we got a lot of goodies.  As for scouts, well... in the whole year we only gathered for three or four times. I learned how to tie ropes in many different ways. Next year I am in standard 6 so I have to work hard for my major school exam (UPSR). If I don't pass, I won't be able to graduate from primary (elementary) school.

That's all I have accomplished this year but I will try to do more next year. Bye!!!!!

That's me!