My name is Ray. I am 6 years old. I love to go to Fraser's Hill. I didn't get to play the archery but I got to do something fun. I got to play at the playground. On the way to the spider-web playground, I met my family. My mother didn't know that my family was there. I got to play mini golf. I had fun.

I also went to Thailand. I got to see big prawns. They are the biggest prawns I have ever seen. Next time I want to see a lobster. I also got to stay in a hotel. I got to swim and play sand at the beach. We built a country town with the sand. It was fun. It became evening. It was getting very late and so we left the beach. We wrote a sign with the clothes and sand. I went to bathe. It was nice and warm. I also enjoyed the TV and went out for dinner. I also got a light saber.

I passed Ampang Methodist kindergarten and next year I will begin school at Chung Hwa where my brothers are. I had fun during the school holidays. It is a pleasure to go for a school trip and we went to the bird park. This time I didn't touch any dodoo (bird droppings). We had fun. I got to go on a slow train but it isn't a real train. It has big holes to go up and go down.

Ohh yeahh! I learnt to read words this year. I love to read any book I have. Have fun. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!