My name is Ernie. I am 8 years old. I got baptized this year. When I was baptized, I felt the spirit. I was very happy because I was baptized. Everyone shook my hand and congratulated me.

I went to Fraser's Hill. When I went to Fraser's Hill it was very foggy. It was my first time in touching clouds. It was too foggy that you can't see where you are going so we needed to stay in the hotel. At night we went to a very nice dinner. Mom said that it was a surprise for us because she had worked hard and earned enough money to go for that very special dinner.

For my gymnastics I got a distinction in level 5. I was very happy that I got a distinction because that was my third time that I got a distinction in gymnastics. Then months later, I went to the older class.

I went to Thailand on a holiday. When we first arrived, we weren't at the beach yet. So we had to drive to the beach. It took us very long and I fell asleep. When went to a shop and Shuan bought me a toy. So I was very happy.