Hi there! If you're having trouble telling me and my sister apart, well then, let me help you out. I'm Su
(without the 'e'). And who was it that said all Asians look alike?

After graduating from high school last year in November, I decided that I would work for a year before I moved on to college life. At the same time, I needed to wait (until the end of Febuary) for my Final Government Exam (SPM) results in order to apply for BYU-Hawaii. So while waiting for that AND an acceptance letter from BYUH later on, it was great to be able to earn some money on the side. Apart from the joy of earning extra money, teaching gymnastics also kept me busy throughout the year. I taught mostly Kindergarten aged children and it was both fun and a challenge.

There was actually a side reason why I wanted to stay on in Malaysia a little longer. A reason which even
I forgot that was what caused me to consider staying in the first place. Anyway, I wanted to compete in the National Schools Gymnastics Competition for the very last time as it was the last year I could compete before I would turn over age (am I getting old or what?). It was also a great opportunity for me to visit East Malaysia, where the gymnastics meet was to be held, as I have never been there before.
Because of my desire to compete, I had to go back to school in order to qualify as a participant in this meet. So I spent two months in Form 6 or 12th grade or A-Levels (which is optional in Malaysia). It was a good two months spent as I learnt a lot in school without any pressure of having to take exams. At the mean time, I trained extra hard to make it to the Kuala Lumpur team at Regionals and then it was off to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for me and Shuan (he made it to the KL team too!) It was worth the sacrificed time and hard work during training hours as I won a bronze medal on vault!

Moving on, after all necessary documents had been sent to BYUH, I finally received an acceptance letter, in the month of October, to study there starting at Winter Semester 2004! I would like to major in Music, Dance and Theater. This major is only found at BYU Provo, so I'll have to work really hard in Hawaii and transfer to Provo after 1 or two years. I also wish to serve a mission when I turn 21 in the year 2006.

The best thing I got to do this year was to serve my Heavenly Father in several callings in the KL Branch. I was a counselor to the Young Women class president and had fun helping out with the activities for Mutual Night. I was also called to teach the Valiant class in Primary. This was a very good experience as I grew to love my primary children and learnt all sorts of ways to catch the attention of 10-11 year olds during my lessons each Sunday. Many times I have been saved by the mere popping in of the branch President or his counselors. You'd be amazed how quiet the class becomes when they see the branch president step in the room!

The more I think about my accomplishments for the year, the more grateful I am that the Lord has given me many opportunities  to serve others and gain wonderful experiences that has strengthened my testimony of the gospel. I feel that I have been prepared by the hand of the Lord throughout this year to begin a new life in Hawaii. I pray for your safety and continual faith in the Lord, for it is my testimony that He will watch over you and protect you so long as you press forward and endure to the end.     

My 18th Birthday Party