Fei in a campus movie production
Would she qualify for the next  007?

Su is just hanging around
She could be Fei's stunt double in the next 007

I see double...do you?

Trapped between this big guy and the web! I'm also caught up in the world wide web, so check me out!

Our Movie Marathon during the sleepover.

My Gang (from left to right) Hao Ran, -1, Chern Hui, myself and Zi Xian

My new immortal pet Digivice, to replace my deceased hamster.

Steady, boy...your're doing great!

Mom's favourite baking companion.

The handsome boy in school band  uniform

With gymnastic foundation, skateboarding is easy.

Ray: Merry-berry keeps me safe and cozy.

Honeymoon USA Jul-Aug 2004

Family update as at Dec 2003

Family update as at Dec 2002

Family update as at Dec 2001

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Dec 2004 Family Page 2
contributed by individual members of the
Chong Family

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Our daughters Fei Min and Su Min are not with us so we have to link to their webpages to find out their activities for the year. We do  keep in touch with them regularly through phone calls, emails and computer chats.

From the two pictures here you could see both of them are having a great time doing the "kool" things that college students indulge in. As much as we'd love to have them close by, it's our hope that they can continue to grow and flourish in the unique environment that only BYU-H campus can offer.

Please visit them when you're in Hawaii, they both are wonderful tour guides at the Polynesian Cultural  Centre(PCC).
They work part-time to help finance their education--what more can we ask?

(Links might still be under construction!)


Merry Christmas to all! I apologize to those of you who received our family's Christmas Newsletter and found that I did not continue Sam's adventure... Never fear! I will draw it and I'll probably post it somewhere in my Blog (mentioned later)

I am proud to announce that I have achieved the rank of Lance Corporal in my band! We had to takes little tests (marching and instrument playing) and I scored pretty well. In fact, I wasn't far from being promoted to Corporal.

I competed in the inter-school gymnastics competition (MSSKL) for the first time this year and I got the 6th place, which supposedly qualified me for the interstate competition (MSSM). However, that place was "reserved" for a national gymnast who didn't compete in MSSKL... I got kicked out. Too bad, just gotta wait till next year!

I had a very "productive" holiday (note the quotes) in front of the computer. It's all because I got a nice computer I can call my own :P

The real great thing is that I have started blogging! (thanks to my sister's example) If you are keen on reading about my everday life (a crazy life too), go to http://thehandynastory.blogspot.com/
It's the perfect place to go if you really want to know what's going on in my crazy teenage life.

I had a fun time with my gang recently. The five of us have weird nicknames: -1, Batman, Myth Guy and Ali (I'm Boon Hoon) Anyway, these guys wanted to do something fun for the holidays and we decided that my house would be the best place to come over and do crazy stuff.

We had a sleepover for one night where we watched movies on dad's newly aquired projector and big screen. We basically had a wild time the whole 2 days. At one point I was having a YM chat with my crush and all of a sudden my friends bounced up from nowhere and dragged me away from the computer while -1 started interrogating my crush (how fun :P)

Aaaanyway. Thanks to my example my friends have started blogging as well! Myth Guy and -1 started their own blogs and they added me as an administrator so I can help them beef up their blogs.

Oops, I said too much again. Time to wrap up.

All in all, I've had a great year and I'm looking forward to next year's crazy school life again. Merry Christmas to all, and to all good (whatever time of day it is right now)!


This was my last year in primary school, so I'll be going to secondory school which is called Tsun Jin High School(my brother's school). Since the government wants us to learn math and science in english, during my school orientation, I was told that altogether I have 15 subjects to learn.

Anyway, this year I'm grade 5 in piano and class 4 in gymnastics. I'm looking forward to having a better year next year.


Notes from parents:

As you can see, our Shuan is a boy of few words, we feel obliged to add to what he has said, for he has done plenty throughout the year.

He graduated from sharing a bedroom with his two younger brothers to having his own room. Yet, being used to having a roomate all these years, he requested for a hamster to be his companion. We gladly gave him one. Some nights, Shuan wished the rodent would stop paddling.

In several of our boat trips to the lake, Shuan turned out to be a steady boat driver.

The treat of the year for him was that he got to invite his classmates to his 12 year-old birthday party. It was fun to watch how he mingled with his rowdy peers and remained composed and quiet.

He stayed up late into the night to help mom bake and decorate Christmas cookies.  Ideal bonding time for  mom and son.


Hi guys,I just wanted you all to know some of the things that I did thoughout the year and some other things that happened in my lifetime.
      These are the first things that I want to tell:I am nine years old,so I am stantard three[third grade],I was born in 1995.
       I play in my school band, I wanted to play the trumpet but my band teacher doesn't want me to play the trumpet so he made me play an instrument called a melodian.I started playing in the band this year[2004].
       I also wanted to tell you all that I am a gymnast[I learn gymnastics],I am now class one in gymnastics,and do you know what?I had to go though all these levels:bronze,silver,gold,level1,level2,level3,level4 and  level5.So after level5 is class1,I had to use five years of time to accomplished all these levels.........oh!by the way,I started learning gymnastics since I was only four years old! I attend gymnastic lessons on thursdays.
       I also learn the piano, I started learning the piano when I was seven. I am grade two in the piano, I attend piano lessons every friday,but most of the time my piano teacher changes the class to another day!
       Thats all for now,thats the end of my story so........ goodbye!!!


Hi, my name is Ray. I would like to share the things I did this year. Today is Christmas day and we got some presents from Santa Claus. I said Santa Claus because I believe in Santa, do you?

I shared my testimony this year.  I would like to bare my testimony to you that the Church is true and Joseph Smith is a real prophet. He translated the Book Of Mormon.

I would like to say goodbye now. Goodbye.

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