They wanted their love to last forever so they decided
to seal their marriage for all time & eternity
at the historic Salt Lake temple.

Aerial view of the Salt Lake Temple

It also become a honeymoon of
reunion with friends

At the Temple Door

with the Redds, Laurel & Smelie
in Grassy Lake, Canada

Talmage & Vera Jean Jones in
St.George, Utah

Rex Nielsen

The Gessels

Thee See in Hawaii

Ralph & Ruth Cannon

Former mission presidents & missionaries
of the Singapore Mission

Joyce & Michael Lau family
in Seattle

Soon the Honeymoon is over and
the real life begins!

Birth of daughter Fei Min, 14 Jun 1984

Birth of daughter Su Min, 4th Oct 1985

Birth of son Woon Han, 19th Oct 1990

Birth of son Woon Shuan, 8th Nov 1992

Birth of son
Woon Ern,
16th Jun 1995

Birth of son Woon Ray, 2nd Nov 1997

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