Last year started with a big family reunion for  Sun Fu's father who celebrated his 80th birthday. Our family presented him an internet ready computer as a gift. We later created a website to commemorate the birthday celebration with a little family history at

School work or study seems to be the main preoccupation of most family members during the year.  All six children now attend school including their Mom who is into the second year of her Interior Design/Art program at Cenfad in Jln. Kia Peng. Even Dad attends Mandarin classes to keep up with the family! He hopes to survive in his first business trip to Shanghai this year.
Sun Fu continues to enjoy a varied lifestyle of family life, the challenging business world and serving the community through his church. He enjoys whatever exercise he can get keeping up with the kids and running with his dogs. He is trying to do things he never had the time nor opportunity to do in the past and this includes learning Mandarin, playing band instruments, riding his scrambler, creating a rock garden, exploring lakes and rivers in his outboard motor boat and the list goes on!!
Geok Lee keeps busy with running a household as well as doing homework from school, still making it into the Dean's List for excellent results four terms in a row now! She's really our super Mom.
Fei Min turned 17 and completed school in CBN after finishing her govt. exams in November. She is interested in becoming a counseling psychologist and has just one year of pre-university before being able to start an undergraduate program. She continues to play the piano and recently gave her first public violin performance at church after a year of lessons. Fei also came in first place in an impromptu speaking competition in school this year.
Su Min, 16, the more active of the two girls, won more medals/trophies this past year in cheer leading and gymnastics. She represented her school (former BBGS) in the choral speaking team, who became national champions. She enjoys playing the piano with her sister, both of whom had lessons since they were six.
Woon Han is now quickly becoming a young man, having turned eleven this past year. We moved him and Woon Shuan from Kuen Cheng to Chung Hwa nearer home. Han found himself progressing from being formerly just an average student to being at the top in the new school and is exhilarated by that! He completes his 5th year of piano lessons and enjoys playing computer games. His latest interest  is in drawing cartoon characters. He also won a medal in gymnastics this year.
Woon Shuan at 9 has 3 years of piano lessons and enjoys gymnastics where he won a medal and trophy in competitions this year.
Woon Ern or Ernie (6) graduated from kindergarten with a colourful ceremony wearing the formal graduate's hat and gown. He now joins his two brothers in a Chinese medium school (Chung Hwa) this year. Ernie won his first trophy in gymnastics this year.
Woon Ray (4) completed his first year of nursery school  and began his kindergarten this year. He is now very vocal and tries hard to keep up with the others.  It's fun watching him trying to play the drums on the Kintaro CD!

At the KLCC twin towers on Christmas Day

Christmas Day at home

Good-bye to the Year of the Snake!

Gong Xi Gong Xi from the boys

The youngest graduate in the family, Woon Ern!

Come to Han's restaurant for a free meal!

No sharks here in Pangkor right mom?

Two sisters?