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Our oldest child and daughter Chong Fei Min (far left in the above photo taken in our last family trip together in Langkawi island) leaves home for Brigham Young University Hawaii to begin her undergraduate degree in Psychology in the Fall Semester. This is a special letter dedicated to her from the heart of her parents :

Dear Fei Min,

This is a happy and sad occasion for all of us in the family. Happy that you are successful in furthering your education and embarking on another wonderful phase of your life. Sad that we will miss your presence in the family especially when we get together for our  regular family home evenings, our family prayers and even our family trips.

You are our firstborn and many fond memories flash through our mind as we prepare for you to leave us. Your birth was significant to us as it ushered in a new chapter in our own lives, to be your father and mother. Those were humble moments for us, caring for our little baby girl and enjoying the cute smiles and many firsts. We noted early in your childhood, even at age one, that you seem to have a certain awareness and understanding of what we were explaining to you. This ability to listen and understand seems to be your strength as you mature into now a full grown teenager at 18. Your acquired strengths and talents are many to give you a good head start in life.

Most importantly, you have the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life.  Church has been a strong resource for us to help us in your upbringing and we are grateful for the results.  You have strong talent in music and we will miss the beautiful music you have provided us on the piano. Do continue to practice this talent for the enjoyment of others and hope you can continue your violin music too that you have just begun. At school, you've displayed your oratorical talents in story telling, debates etc. You have the talent to communicate in public or in groups so use it well to motivate others to make this world a better and happier place. Don't forget your Mandarin & Malay language you've learnt from young as you advance in the west. Last but not least, you have the capacity to love be it pets, children, your friends and family members. Let your love continue to shine and may you find much love in return.

Now we like to feel that you have learnt enough to stand on your own.  You have just got your driving licence but before that you knew how to take the bus, and in the months waiting for your further education, you've had work experience of the real world. You are computer savvy and handle new gadgets with ease which should make you feel like a duck in the pond in the new world. Mother passed some baking and cooking skills to you and like everything else, practice makes perfect. So our dear Fei Min, take courage that you will have a bright future ahead of you and always know that we are still here for you and will always love you.     From your loving parents.

There is communication even months old!

She grows fast with confidence in life

Above: Fei Min on the USA ski slopes
She earned her trip due to perfect scores for her UPSR results in 1996.

Below: Father and daughter at Temple Square, Salt Lake City

She enjoys music and marches with the school band

Also one without fear and is adventurous, para sailing in our favorite holiday place, Penang island

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...and she would be the one to bring home a stray dog for a pet