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Group or Community Interests

As individuals, we first begin to interact in a group consisting of our immediate family and later our extended family. As we mature, our interaction extends to the local community first through school and later through work. We will find common interests with others and soon begin to find ourselves associating with certain groups and begin to develop a group identity for ourselves. Thus, as we mature, we would have developed not only our individual identities but would have learnt about or form perceptions of social structures. We would have formed our personal and cultural values, a world view and attitudes towards the larger society. Through time, we would have developed a sophisticated identity and begin to participate as a follower or leader in groups. When we feel we belong to a group and need to support the needs and ideals of the group, we would have developed a sense of community.

If community exists, both freedom and security exist as well. The community then takes on a life of its own, as people become free enough to share and secure enough to get along. The sense of connectedness and formation of social networks comprise what has become known as social capital.

The major change in life today is that we can become more connected to various groups due to improvements in communication technology. Increased connectivity means each individual or group is better informed of another individual's or group's interests, purposes and practices. This awareness can bring people closer together for common good by creating a synergy of ideas, intelligences and energies towards a fulfilment of common interests or goals of each group. This change will significantly affect world communities as there is a sudden realization that there can be unity amidst a world of great diversity to solve common problems. Climate Change and Global Warming is one example of common interest where we need the global community to work together. This global issue is becoming more and more obvious today as we read frequent news of natural disasters occurring in so many places of the world especially when they are in our own country!

This sense of awareness is promoted today by round-the-clock international news networks that cover world communities. It is interesting that the style and culture of the major networks can differ, depending on the country and culture of their origins. One can appreciate that today we have the BBC, the CNN and the Aljazerra networks which though transmit seemingly similar news but differ in their style and culture of presentation.

This page introduces various groups that exists in our communities and should help the reader become more aware of their existence and offers opportunities to synergize with the appropriate groups to help futurize communities for the betterment of humanity.







"We live in complex times where it is hard to know what to do. Good intentions are not enough.
Yet, people around the world are making a difference where they live and work through methods that tap into everyone's intelligence. "

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