The Airlines that carried us


     Sun Fu with the Palace guards


With our daughters Fei Min and Su Min


With Asuko and Naotaka Sawada


      With Linda and Dennis Kim at their home


Journey of Journeys

USA 26 Jul - 15 Aug 2004 by Chong Sun Fu


Now in as much as my wife and I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel in the last 20 plus years that we have been together, there are some trips that stand out more than others. This particular trip to the USA has become significant in our lives for a very good reason. It was a trip that met our mental, spiritual and emotional needs.

Now I frequent the US in my business trips and in the past Geok Lee got to follow when the timing was right and if the trip was a quick one. This time, all our kids were still at school and she was even working in her Interior Design job and here I was planning a trip that would include a jeep drive over a thousand miles in a trip that would take us away for 3 weeks!

Korean Air had a good offer that provided a free stopover to Hawaii where I know my wife would love to visit our two daughters. Further more, we got a long lay over in Seoul to have the opportunity to visit the city that we've heard so much about but had never been.  So after doing all the necessary arrangements for our kids and work, getting help from quite a number of our friends for rides and house sitting, we found ourselves off in the air for what became the journey of journeys!

After a pleasant day in Korea visiting both the famous palace and their street market area, we looked forward to meet our daughters studying at Brigham Young University Hawaii (BYUH) in Laie.

Wow how much they've changed since we've only missed them for about six months or more hahahha!  Wow, her hair is now blondish, ohh she's put on weight with the American diet, geee... the sun can really give them a tan!!!! Hawaii is such an ideal place for Asian students wanting the Western exposure yet has a friendly familiar culture of the island people that makes it such a conducive and seemingly safe place.  Fei is doing her second year in Psychology while Su is in her first year of a Theatre major in preparation for a Performing Arts major later. 

It was nice not only to meet our daughters but to meet the other Malaysian students that could share the Indian tit bits and Malaysian packet food stuff when we opened up the large suitcase in the students lounge area! Lets see, we met  Kenny Lim, Jeremiah, Brian Chan, Priya, Claire and several others. We even ran into an old friend from Singapore named Wally Chew who is now married and living in Hawaii. 

It was a journey of journeys as we got to meet with many old friends again. In Hawaii, we made a trip to Honolulu and managed to meet a Japanese couple who used to live in Kuala Lumpur, the Sawadas. Its so nice to meet old friends again after so many years apart!  Naotaka Sawada had just finished 4 years in the University of Hawaii completing a Phd in Economics. They took us out to a nice lunch  and  brought us up to a peak where we could have a birds eye view of the Honolulu side of the island.

Besides old friends, we made new ones as well. We visited the home of Linda and Dennis Kim, parents of a student Su had dated. When we got to the mainland, we met with many more Friends.

It was also a journey of doing Family History and Temple Work for Geok Lee's ancestors.  The spiritual experience was as exhilarating as the Sights and Sceneries that we enjoyed.

We came home happy and fulfilled to continue life's journey with enthusiasm and great joy!           

                Family update as at Dec 2003