áá A Memoriam was published in the Star Paper
                    on 22nd Oct 2004 

In Loving Memory

Cheah Kooi Sim
Born 6th May 1921
Departed 22 October 1982

                            My memories of our Mother
                                 by Chong Sun Fu

ááá One of the most grateful things of my life is having a mother who always seems to be home for me. It seemed that way right to the day she was called to leave this earth. I cannot remember being cradled by her as a baby but I will never forget the years that she took care of me with love and enduring patience.

Being the youngest, I would have been the 'blue eyed' kid that she wanted to raise me to become if it was not for my constant rebellion in search of independence and self reliance. Nevertheless, she had always assured me of her constant love and care as a mother. While other women may go to work or join fancy clubs to be among the elite of society, my mother simply enjoyed good friends and the responsibility of being a mother and a housewife. Perhaps I was the lucky recipient to enjoy the best of her as most of the members of our large family of seven children had matured with their own lives when I was growing up. I could remember how she would dress me up smart for school, making sure I had groomed my hair and would drive me to school until I was old enough to rebel to take the public bus!

Her example of family values and dedication I guess has rubbed off on me, since I now have six children of my own. As father, like all fathers, would be focused in his career, it is my mother who taught me the little things of life that would eventually become useful and important for me in everyday living. She also left behind strong  values for me to emulate such as honesty, integrity and most important charity.  I had been the witness of the silent deeds she did for many people including family and friends.

She was truly a caring mother to me and on the day I had to leave home for my University education in Australia, I felt she would really miss having to take care of me.  Little did I know that when I returned from Australia, I still had to devote a couple more years of my life in serving a mission for my Church before I was able to be home with her again! It was difficult for me as her health was deteriorating due to a long history of diabetes.  I didn't expect her to understand my spiritual experience of being called of God but  when she heard my story, she surprised me to return the idol she was praying to previously and asked to be taught the Gospel and was later baptized.  I made a pact with God that while I would be away for the 2 years in serving him, I would want nothing in return for myself except that my mother would be kept alive  while I was away. I needed comfort to know she would be well as even though I was called to serve in my own country, mission rules did not allow me to return to my family whenever I wanted to.

God did keep his word for she lived till I was released from my mission but only for just about three months. About a month before her death, I had a dream one night that she would 'cross the veil' and when I woke up, I immediately looked for her and was relieved that she was still alive. On that fateful morning of 22nd Oct 1982, I woke up and found that the house curtains and doors were still shut and feared that something was dreadfully wrong. I rushed to her room and there I found her lying peacefully in bed never to awake again.

Family memebers and friends were immediately contacted  and they came to visit from near and far.  We had a beautiful church styled funeral where her grave in Petaling Jaya  was dedicated and songs sung by church members.

At this point in time, I feel impressed that I need to do family history work for her ancestry. I had years earlier achieved a breakthrough for my father's line and recently my wife had a wonderful story for genealogy work for her parents' side.  I must return to the roots of her place of birth which is on Penang island north of Malaysia.

On this anniversary of her departure, I am reminded of the great blessing I have enjoyed to have had a mother like mine. I fully understand how in the Book of Mormon that Helaman's two thousand  stripling sons could fight with miraculous power  as they were taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. (Alma 56:47)  I give respect and pay tribute to all mothers of the world who do their best to raise their children. May the Lord bless each and everyone of them for their untold sacrifices to hold the sacred title of "Mother."

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