The Surprise Party

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Letter to Fei on leaving for BYU

It was a difficult task to pull off, to surprise the intuitive and sense-it-all Geok Lee but we did it.
We picked the date 27th Dec, just after Christmas. A short notice phone invitation went out to couple-only friends and family members to gather just before 9pm at the Tahitian Noni sales office in Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur. She was to have a quiet dinner with Sun Fu and then head out to watch a movie at Mid-Valley. They had to pick up the tickets kept at the office and as they walked in

A light Malaysian Satay meal  with cake & noni punch followed. After the night was over, the couple went home tired but happy, appreciative of the many friends and family members who turned up despite the short notice.(about 60) Just as was desired in their wedding 20 years ago, invited guests were informed not to bring any presents, a strict rule to obey. A couple of parties bent the rule and brought flowers photographed below.

Special thanks to the children who had earlier surprised both parents by a breakfast-in-bed service on the morning of 22nd Dec 2002.

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