Remembering the Wedding of Tengku Ery & Azrie



                The Ceremony
  The handsome couple             

 Getting dolled up in Nonya style after a fun 2-hour jouney in the car.
Ruri, Yen Li, Joyce and Debbie (where's Geoklee?)

Smile for the camera, 
for it will cost you RM17.00 each--the most costly changing room ever!

 A true princess, Tengku Ery
Happiness captured in a tiny frame

 Now we see the 3 gentlemen, Paul, Edwin & Clarence
One more gentleman, Leonard

Group photo for remembrance, Geoklee, Ruri, Debbie, Azri, Ery, Yen Li and Joy-cee.
The reception was held on 19 November 2004 in Raub, a small town in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. We drove for 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur and thought for a moment we were lost. When we headed to the wedding venue, all nine of us (4 guys amd 5 gals) thought we must be over-dressed for a small town wedding reception. Ery was nowhere to be found. After several minutes of mingling, we asked for Ery and was only told that we were at the WRONG WEDDING!!  You should see the funny sight--4 "blur kings" and 5 "blur queens" looking for a hole to hide!
When we finally arrived at the right wedding, we felt right at home. The hosts were most gracious, and took great care to see to our every little need. There was a "live" band to serenade the guest, and plenty of food to fill our growling tummy. We should've worked harder on making Clarence sing for us!
Anyway, I was very caught up with everything that was happening around me, after all, it was the first time I was at a Malay friend's wedding. (The previous ones didn't count because I was only there in time for the feast, never in time for the ceremony!)
Credits have to go to two very brave young ladies, Yen Li and Joyce. They drove us safely to the wedding and home to Kuala Lumpur. Joyce had to drive in the dark and rainy night. It was 1 am when we arrived at the office. For a few moments, the familiar sight of the office felt so much like home! We wondered if Edwin managed to go for his second party...supposed to start 12 midnight. Yen Li had to rush to her boyfriend's birthday party also at midnight. I went home to catch my whole family up watching "10.5", a movie about earth-quake. What a night!                                                         

By Geoklee

Yummy food...anyone needs a drink?
Dowry for the bride...can you tell what they are?

More dowry for the bride Dowry for the groom is all the way in the back.
Ceremony for the groom
The stage

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